"The Passion Test workshop is clear, enlightening and very valuable."

Vicki - Adelaide

"Monika presented with energy, passion and clarity! Great experience to life's toolbox!"

Rosalie - Adelaide

"Monika is enthusiastic and a wonderful 'real life' example of being and living 'The Passion Test'."

Alina - Adelaide

"Monika, you are definitely on the right track. You radiate enthusiasm, love, joy and positive personal experiences. I love listening to you."

Debbie - Adelaide

"My passions have always been there and I would like to say a special 'thank you Monika' for helping me take the next step to my destiny. It was a remarkable experience and it made me believe in myself to live life passionately and everyone will want what you have - fun, fun, fun!"

Angelique - Adelaide

"Monika I really appreciated your facilitation skills in this workshop. Your calm and affirming manner and your knowledge of how to apply 'The Passion Test' made this a very valuable experience - Thank You!"

Sue - Adelaide

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